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Plant Tools


Tricad Service is partner of CADSTUDIO offering software solutions and professional services to optimize process-controlled plant design and engineering. Its customer base includes global and international companies.

Plant design and engineering is a very consulting-intensive industrial sector. In order to realize consulting projects, a high level of know-how on individual work processes and regional and international requirements is very important. Over the years, customer requirements on the efficiency of their processes, especially in plant engineering, have steadily increased. Requirements that can only be partially realized with standard software. Against this background, Auxalia/CADSTUDIO has developed its own tools, the AuxaliaCADSTUDIO PlantTools, to be able to use Autodesk Plant Solutions products even more efficiently. In addition to that the own development department offers the possibility to implement individual solutions according to the customer’s requests.



PlantCenter is a tool that provides a central location for launching AutoCAD P&ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D projects as well as PlantDataManager and PlantReporter. PlantCenter also allows users to launch DWG TrueView from the central project interface, which will enable users to view plant project drawings

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With 3D modeling the need to locate and resolve clashes between objects is essential. Our PlantClashDetection Tool enables users to analyze clashes between model and xref objects from within AutoCAD Plant3D without the use of Autodesk Navisworks

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PlantDataManager was developed so that customers could have access to plant project data without having AutoCAD P&ID and/or AutoCAD Plant 3D installed on their computers. Users of PlantDataManager can modify plant project data or add non-placed objects and data and link those to external databases to plant project objects or calculate data

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PlantExpressTools are a collection of CAD-related functions as well as project administration features. Since the list gets longer with every version, you will get a full overview at the product’s page.

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AutoCAD P&ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D provide a flexible and convenient project database out of the box. PlantLink significantly extends the use of data with your plant project data by enabling linking to external and internal data sources with flexible and configurable unidirectional and/or bidirectional live links. PlantLink can modify AutoCAD Properties like layer or color as well. PlantLink enables customers to tremendously improve the data flow within their P&ID drawings to further become more productive and reduce errors.

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The ability to create and manage reports from AutoCAD P&ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D is a powerful tool for data intensive workflows. PlantReporter extends and enhances reporting capabilities by both enabling reporting of plant project data without Autodesk products and by providing additional configurability. You can also create a group of projects and create reports from them. PlantReporter can create reports from other data sources or a group of them giving you the ultimate reporting tool. PlantReporter can also create versions and revisions of reports/lists, which can be compared to see changes in your data.



For any organization with graphical and data standards, the ability to easily synchronize AutoCAD P&ID and AutoCAD Plant 3D project configurations is essential to an efficient design operation. PlantSync enables project administrators to maintain standards in a single “template project” and update one or many live projects quickly and easily.



PlantSpecDriven allows you to assign catalog data from your AutoCAD Plant 3D specs to your P&ID Symbols. This enables you to create Bill of Materials already from your P&ID drawings. In a second phase you can insert the P&ID symbols with the assigned data into your AutoCAD Plant 3D drawings. During this process PlantSpecDriven checks for inconsistencies between P&ID and 3D. You can also link equipment and nozzles and have them checked for inconsistencies


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Plant Tools is a CADSTUDIO product

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